Chivelstone is a civil parish in Devon, England. It is a coastal parish on the southernmost tip of Devon, Prawle Point, and has an area of 10 km². It is located in the South Hams local government district in Devon, England. It is surrounded by the parishes of East Portlemouth to the west, South Pool to the northwest and Stokenham to the north and east. It borders the sea to the south and southeast and comprises the villages of East Prawle and South Allington as well as the hamlets of Chivelstone and Lannacombe.The population of the parish taken at the 2011 census was 280.

The name of Chivelstone is derived from Coefel's farm, whilst the name of East Prawle is most likely derived from Præwhyll, which is an Anglo-Saxon term for a look-out hill.

The names of the villages in the parish were first recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. The 1086 survey recorded three manors in the future Chivelstone parish, all of which were held by Juhel de Totnes (died 1123/30).

It is generally believed that the country was divided into ecclesiastical parishes around 1200. The church parish of Chivelstone was focused on the church dedicated to St Silvester, the only church dedicated to that saint in Devon, which is the mediaeval dedication to St Mary.

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