Salcombe History Society

Discover the history of the Devonshire town of Salcombe …

About Salcombe History Society

The Aims of the Society

  1. To research the history of Salcombe including its people and industries.
  2. To encourage Society members and the local community to research their historic past.
  3. To involve the local community, including children and young adults, in activities in order to learn more about their local heritage.
  4. To encourage the community to record their memories of people, places and events, both orally and through the written word.
  5. To archive, digitally, documents and photographs making them accessible to the public through the Salcombe History Society website.
  6. To welcome contributions from anyone who has documents, photographs, memories or information to add to the archive.
  7. To ensure that donated documents, photographs and other recorded media, once digitised, are either returned to the donor or passed to organisations with safe storage facilities e.g. Devon Records Office, Cookworthy Museum.
  8. To organise regular meetings and exhibitions on topics of local interest.
  9. To contribute to local media, exhibitions and publications.
  10. To maintain a website which is accessible to the public.

Committee Members

  • Ken Prowse (Chair)
  • Hilary Ashford
  • Roger Barrett
  • Jasper Evans
  • Geoff Foale
  • Colin De La Mare
  • Richard Weymouth
If you would like to learn more about our activities and projects – including research, archiving, photography, genealogy, building website content, historical tours of Salcombe, presentations and talks – or join the Committee, it would be great to hear from you.