Salcombe Jubilee Celebration: Queen Victoria 1887


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This book is a goldmine of information for everyone interested in local social history. It is an engaging account that records how the residents of Victorian Salcombe set out to plan and celebrate a major event in the life of their town. The final pages of the book comprise a treasure chest for genealogists, with over 400 residents listed and what each subscribed. Full details are given of expenditure: who spent what for sports, tables, decorations, bonfire, dinner and tea, including a list of provisions for the dinner and tea. A happy hunting ground both for serious researchers and all who enjoy an entrancing read into what life was like in a bygone age.

Published to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.

Original edition by James Fairweather. Reset and with additional material by John Fairweather Tall.

Pages: 62.

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Also available from Salcombe Tourist Information Centre and Kingsbridge History Society.


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