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Weslyan Church

The Wesleyan Church in Salcombe

Non-comformity made its first appearance in Salcombe in the form of Wesleyan-Methodism, in the early part of the 19th Century. Salcombe was included in the Kingsbridge Circuit and the first appointment of Ministers was made in 1807.

The Revs John Jordan and Richard Moody were stationed to the Circuit.

Preaching Services were first held at Salcombe in the kitchen of a cottage at No 3 Buckley .

Numbers grew so they moved to a large room which was used on week-days as a School Room  in Elliot’s Court.  This was off Chapel End now called Clifton Place.

This place becoming too limited for the congregation that was gathered, two Cottages were purchased at the Island, the site of the present Chapel, and converted into a place of Worship.

It opened for Divine Service on the 6th October 1824, the opening Sermons being preached by the Rev. J.Akerman of Plymouth, who was assisted by Mr William Sherwill of Ivybridge and the Rev. Thomas Bersey (the resident Minister of Kingsbridge)

This Chapel was replaced by the present building in 1849, the re-erection costing £561 leaving a debt of £243.

An effort was made in 1857 to reduce this debt by holding a Bazaar in June, by special Subscriptions and having a Christmas tree in the same year.   By this means £143 was paid off, leaving a debt of £100.

This amount was borrowed from the General Chapel Committee at Manchester in 1859 free of interest.

It was paid off by ten yearly instalments of £10, the Chapel by this means being freed of debt at the end of 1868.

Side galleries were added to the Chapel in 1861, which cost together with the work £115. These funds were raised by a Bazaar and a lecture by the Rev.E.A.Telfer.

A new School and vestries, and an Orchestra behind the Rostrum were added in 1883 at a cost of over £600.

Recently the edifice has been re-seated and decorated and Hot Water  heating apparatus added at a cost of nearly £300.

The Chapel has accommodation for about 500 and is licensed for the solemnisation of Marriages.

The first resident Minister appointed to Salcombe was the Rev. J.Hartle in August 1853.

A Ministers residence was built in 1860 in Church Street at a cost of £270.

Services; Sundays 11am and 6-30 pm. Tuesdays and Fridays 7-30pm.

( The above taken from “Salcombe and Neighbourhood” by James Fairweather)