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White’s Directory – Salcombe 1878

Adams Nicholas, farmer, Higher Batson Adams Robert, master mariner, 8 Courtenay place

Adams Samuel, master mariner, First place

Andrews, Lieut.-Colonel Mottram, Sandringham

Appledore Joseph, master mariner, 3 Courtenay road


Arundel Mrs Rhoda, grocer and earthenware dealer, 3 Courtenay place

Baker George, farmer, Snapes

Balfour-Ogilvy Walter, inspecting officer of Salcombe division of Coastguards,Powderham villas

Ball Mrs Betsy, draper, 2 Victoria place

Ball Edward, shopkeeper, Orestone

Ball Mrs Hannah, boot and shoe maker, Orestone

Ball Mr John, 1 Courtenay terrace

Ball Joseph, lodgings, 1 Somerset villas

Ball Mrs Susan, Trist’s place. Fore street

Ball Thomas, master mariner, 4 Magdala cottages

Bartlett John, master mariner. Church hill

Bennett Mr, Shadycombe

Bertram Mr, Buckley

Birdwood General William Ilbert, Woodcot

Brown Mrs Jane, laundress, Church road

Brown Robert, farmer and dairyman, Shadycombe

Brown Rev W. Bevill, curate, Grafton

Browse Robert, tailor

Chant Mrs Catherine, victualler. Victoria Inn, Lower Batson

Chapman Mrs Ann, Church street

Chapman Edward, house decorator & stationer, Lower st

Chapman Henry, mason, Buckley

Cheffer Mr William Francis, Bakers Well

Clark William, baker and shopkeeper, Lower Batson

Coad Samuel, master. National school

Coastguard Station, Orestone; T. Jenkins, chief boatman

Cole Miss Anna, victualler. Commercial Inn, Orestone

Cole Edward, builder and postmaster, Buckley

Cole Edward, shopkeeper, Fore street

Cole Mrs Emma Jane, National school mistress, Buckley

Cole James, boot and shoe maker, and Mrs Ann Jane, baker. Lower street

Cole John, stone mason, and Mrs Emma Jane, National schoolmibtress, Buckley

Cole Mrs Eosamond, Natl, infant schlmistress, Courtenay Place

Cook James Wilmot, greengrocer, Market street

Cook Eobert, master mariner. Custom House quay

Cook Mr William, Brick house

Cousins Thomas, carpenter and blockmaker, Elliot’s court

Cove Edward, master mariner, 2 Courtenay place

Cove Mrs Mary, Market street

Cove Thomas, draper. Lower street

Cove William, master mariner, Courtenay street

Cranch James, master mariner, 5 Magdala cottages

Custom House; Wm. H. Webb, principal officer

Dare Edwin, shopkeeper, Lower street

Date William, master mariner, 2 Colaba terrace

Devon Artillery Volunteers (10th), headquarters. Town Hall ; Wm. H. Webb, capt. ; Wm. Lee, drill instructor

Devon, Earl of, The Mount ; and Powderham

Dornom Wm. Gast, ironmonger. Lower street

Dornom George, master mariner, Courtenay place

Douglas Mrs Sarah, Cliff house., & 23 Blandford sq. London

Elliott Eobert, farmer. Higher Batson

Evans Mrs, victualler. Shipwrights’ Arms, Fore street

Evans Mrs Elizabeth, grcr. & earthenware dealer. King st

Evans William, draper. Fore street

Fairweather James, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Ringmore house, Courtenay street

Fairweather Mrs Jemima, baker & shopkeeper. Union st

Field Thomas, butcher. Lower street

Fitzwalter Eobert Henry, master mariner, 1 Victoria Place

Foale Eobert, pilot. Union street

Forbes Mrs Ann, victualler, Victoria Inn, Lower street

Forbes Thomas, master mariner, 9 Courtenay place

Ford John, farmer. Lower Batson

Friend William, master mariner, Orestone

Garner John, master mariner, 3 Magdala cottages

Goodyear Eichd. master mariner, The Elms, Courtenay rd

Goodyear William, master mariner, Victoria place

Goss Mr, Church hill

Gunn John, master mariner, 4 Colaba terrace

Hannaford Mrs Elizabeth, shopketeper, Valentine place

Hannaford Mr John, Orestone

Hannaford Mr John, Hanger mill

Hannaford Mr William, Union street

Hannaford William Samuel, butcher, Union street

Hardey Thomas Martin, master mariner, 16 Courtenay place

Harding Charles Augustus, master mariner, 11 Church st

Harding John, master mariner, Fore street

Harnden Mr Edwin, Island

Harnden Edwin, jun. master mariner, 1 Church street

Harnden Eredk. coal mort. & victualler. King’s Arms, Lower st

Harnden Henry, shipbuilder ; Island

Harnden Marcus, master mariner, 7 Church street

Heath Mrs Harriet, laundress, Fore street

Hicks Richard, tailor and outfitter. Union street

Hill Frederick, master mariner, Lily villas

Hill John Hurrell, shipowner, Powderham villas

Hooppell John, boot and shoe maker, King’s Arms quay

Huxham John, blacksmith, 2 Chapel street

Ingram Mr John, 5 Courtenay place

Jarvis Albert, master mariner, Courtenay road

Jarvis Albert Wm, draper, Fore Street

Jarvis George, boot and shoe maker. Market street

Jarvis John, tailor, King’s Arms quay

Jarvis Joseph, grocer, Harvey’s row

Jarvis Nathaniel, master mariner, 4 Courtenay place

Jarvis Richard, pilot, Orestone

Jarvis Thomas, stationer and toy and fancy dealer, King’s Arms quay

Jellard Mrs Ann, Lily villas

Jellard Mrs Ann Rebecca, draper, Lower street

Jenkins T. chief boatman, Coastguard station ; 1 Magdala cottages

Kelly Rev Maitland, M.A. vicar

King Robert, master mariner, Victoria place

King William, master mariner, Island

Kinsale Dowager Lady, 2 Fountain villas

Lamble John, boot and shoe maker, Union street

Langworthy J. M. S. surgeon. The Knoll

Lapthorn Mrs Jane, lodgings, 2 Devon villas

Leaman M. mariner, The Quay

Lee AVilliam drill instructor (10th D. A. V.), Oreston

Luckham James, master mariner, Courtenay road

Luckham Mrs Susannah, baker, Courtenay street

Manning John, shipwright. Island

March Nicholas, water carrier. Union street

Masters Aaron, farmer, Torhill

Masters John, master mariner, 1 Colaba terrace

May Mrs Fanny grocer (Port & M) ; Lower street

May John, master. Reindeer, Buckley

May Mr Thomas, 13 Courtenay place

Moore Thomas, grocer. Lower street

Murch William Henry, farmer, Higher Batson

Newton Charles Edward Cadogan, Walton Leigh

Osborn John, ironmonger and coal merchant. Union st

Partridge Thos. sailmaker & photographer, Rock Park villas

Partridge Thomas, master mariner, 1 Church street

Partridge Miss,Motlier Hill

Patey James, joiner and undertaker, Orestone

Patey — , master mariner, 15 Courtenay place

Pearce Anthony Goodridge, grocer, agent for Gilbey’s wines. Fore st. W. Pearce, mngr

Pearce Samuel, coal merchant, 2 Fouutain villas

Pearce William, manager. Fore street

Peekins Mr John, The Elms, Courtenay road

Penwill Thomas, master mariner, 7 Courtenay place

Pepperell Edmund, master mariner, 12 Courtenay place

Pepperell James, farmer, Beadon

Pepperell John, master mariner, Courtenay street

Pepperell Mrs, ginger beer manufacturer, Knowle

Pepperell AVilliam, shopkeeper, Buckley

Port Miss Mary (P. & May); Port & May, grocers. Lower street

Prowse William, master mariner, 4 Chapel street

Putt Thomas, tailor, Lower street ;

Quick Mr Edward, 2 Courtenay terrace

Reeves James, master mariner, 2 Courtenay road

Roach C. W. master mariner, Courtenay street

Roberts Richard Eggboer, master mariner, 10 Courtenay place

Russell Misses Eliz., Ann, & Rebecca, lodgings, Lower st

Ryder Edward, shipsmith, Fore street

Salcombe Gas Company Gas Co. ;Samuel Pearce, secretary

Salcomhe Lifeboat House, South sands (branch of Royal National Lifeboat Institution) ; Wm.H. Webb, hon. sec.

Saunders Thomas, coal, salt, and firewood dealer, Russell’s court ;

Saunders Thos. jun. ship builder, & draper, Union street

Shepherd Nathaniel, baker & grocer, Union street

Sherriflf William master mariner, 4 Courtenay road

Skinner William Henry, ironmonger, Union street

Sladen John, master mariner, 1 Courtenay road

Sladen John Heath, tailor. Union street

Sladen Richard Heath, shipowner, 4 Courtenay terrace

Sproule Captain, Rock Park villas

Steer James, master mariner, Island

Steer William, shipowner, 3 Courtenay terrace

Stevens John, cooper, & refreshment house, Union street

Stone Samuel, tailor. Union street Stumbles Alban, boot & shoo maker, & haberdashery, Courtenay street

Stumbles James, mason, Island

Sturc Albert William, taxidermist, & boot & shoe deale: Orestone ;

Sture Mr Richard William, 14 Courtenay place

Sture Thomas Hicks, painter & glazier, 3 Church street

Symons Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper. Island

Thomas Wm. watch & clock maker. Lower st. ;

Thorning William, sail maker, Island

Tolcher Adams, master mariner, Valentine place

Trinick Henry, master mariner, Courtenay street

Trinick John, boat builder, Courtenay street

\Trinick John, master mariner, Knowle

Trinick Mrs Maria Eliz. victualler. Union Inn, Union street

Trinick Peter, master mariner, Island house

Turner The Misses, Armidale

Twitchell Mr Walter, 3 Colaba terrace

Vincent Mr James Pridham, 1 Devon villas

Vincent Mr William, 4 Church street

Vivian Mrs Diana, draper & outfitter. King street

Vivian James, master mariner, 6 Church street

Vivian John, butcher. Island

Vivian William, farmer & dairyman, Shadycombe

Watson Rev Joseph (Wesleyan), 5 Church street

Webb William Henry, principal officer H.M. Customs, registrar of shipping, & honorary secretary to Salcombe branch of Royal National Lifeboat Instn. 8 Church st

Welfare Mr James, Knowle

West Christopher, shopkeeper & baker, Higher Batson

Weymouth Francis, master mariner, Courtenay street

Weymouth James, ftirmer. Higher Lincombe

Weymouth John Kerswell, miller & farmer. Southern mills

Weymouth Mr William, Perrotts, Batson

Whiddon George Elliott, ship & anchor smith. Fore street

White Mrs Catherine, 9 Church street

Wood Mr James, 2 Somerset villas

Wood John, baker, Island

Wood William, baker. Island

Yeoman Thomas, farmer, Higher Batson

Yeoman Wm.Hamblyn, bkr. & cnfctnr.Union st. ;

Water Conveyance — Steam boat to and from Plymouth ;steam boat to and from Kingshridge, twice every weekday, according to tide. Nicholas March: to and from Kingsbridge every week day.

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  1. Carolyn Nicholls

    I have an old photograph of a small girl sitting on a table with her feet on a chair. It has Thomas Partridge Salcombe Artist and Photographer printed on the back.
    Is there any way of knowing when it may have been taken and who the child is?. Are there any records of Thomas Partridge’s work?
    We had Adams relatives who farmed at Lower Rew in the mid to late 1800s and other relatives in the area.
    Thank you.