Island Cruising Club

The Island Cruising Club was formed in 1951 in Salcombe, Devon, by John Baylay. He was joined in the early days by his wife and a small group of friends who funded and organised the acquisition and usage of a fleet of classic yachts. The membership of the club grew to a maximum of around 1,500 sailors in the 1980’s and required the establishment of a dinghy training facility to teach basic sailing skills. The current clubhouse is Egremont, a former Mersey ferry, which has been converted to provide accommodation and refreshments for members and students. In 2011, the Club decided to separate the running and upkeep of Egremont, the dinghy training facility, and the members club into three distinct entities.

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Island Cruising Club

ICCImg67 Unknown F.JPG
Stephen Alcock, Provident Mate, Skipper.
Andy Trickett, 'Hippy' Senior Instructor Small boat Skipper.
Mike Knowles, Dinghy Master.
Phil Kennerell, Launch Driver.
Ken Webb, Cruising Captain.
Mark Leather, Comittee Member.
John Prichard, Committee Member.
Trevor Stockdale, Rear Commodore Cruising.
Jerry Linn Operations Manager Launch Driver Hoshi Mate Skipper.
ICCImg47 Sarah Hufton Bar.JPG
ICCImg97 Ted Pearce Bob Riding an Other Dick Martin2.JPG
ICCImg41 Office Blossoms 1992 3 Stevie Nightingale Wrigley Cater Alison Hookey Hoshi Cook.JPG
ICCImg68 Unknown F.JPG
ICCImg69 Unknown F.JPG
ICCImg70 Unknown F.JPG
ICCImg56 Unknown Dinghy Instructor.jpg
ICCImg49 Steve Alcock Secretary.JPG
Mike Conquest Dinghy Master.
Colin Brooks,Mate /Skipper Hoshi.
ICCImg2 Alison Hookey Cook Hoshi Office Blossom.JPG
"Egremont" Rebuild Pontoon on Fish Quay
Island Cruising Club
ICCImg92 Egremont Rebuild Pontoon being towed.jpg
ICCImg88 Egremont Rebuild Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg91 Egremont no Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg87 Egremont Rebuild Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg87 Egremont Rebuild Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg88 Egremont Rebuild Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg84 Egremont elec Post.jpg
ICCImg83 Egremont Pontoon Fish quay.jpg
ICCImg82 Egremont Pontoon Fish quay.jpg
ICCImg80 Egremont Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg81 Egremont Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg79 Egremont Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg73 Egremont Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg77 Egremont Building Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg72 Egremont Bosun.jpg
ICCImg94 Unknown Dinghy instructor.JPG
ICCImg45 Sally __ Hoshi Mate.JPG
ICCImg78 Egremont Pontoon.jpg
ICCImg24 Jools Bennett.JPG
ICCImg39 Nick Walker Provident Mate, Skipper.JPG
ICCImg40 Nick Walker Provident Skipper.jpg
ICCImg102 Stevie Nightingale_ Wrigley_Cater.JPG
ICCImg96 Gerrard Woodruff Commodore.JPG
ICCImg95 Nicky Speed Office.JPG
ICCImg36 James Stevens Dinghy Master.JPG
ICCImg101 Nicholas Allan Committee Member.JPG
Robbie Cozens, Launch Driver.
Sally McPherson, Head Bar Girl.
ICCImg52 Unknown Cook.JPG
ICCImg66 unknown Housekeeper.JPG
ICCImg12 Daniel Daley _ Dinghy Instructor.JPG
ICCImg16 Guyan March Dinghy Instructor.JPG
ICCImg17 Don & Joyce Helpers.JPG
Jack Damerell, Dinghy Bosun.
John Salt, Windsurfing Instructor.
ICCImg25 Judy Russel Hoshi Bottom.JPG
ICCImg32 Louise Colyler_Dawson Chief Instructor.JPG
ICCImg33 Malcolm Mercardo Launch Driver Dinghy Instructor.JPG
ICCImg7 Cherry Whiteley Bar.JPG
ICCImg64 unknown Housekeeper 1.jpg
Lucy Norberry, Housekeeper 1.jpg
Richard Purser
Chris Long DI Committee, Rear Comodore Sailing, Inception Disco
Club Bar Window. Sally Bates- Fearn Charlie _ Jenny Cuddles Mike Ferchuck.
ICCImg21 John Fearn Egremont Bosun Engineer Launch Driver 1.jpg
ICCImg26 Kate Fletcher - Knowles Office 1.JPG
ICCImg27 Keith Dixon Dinghy Instructor 1.jpg
ICCImg35 Matt Fry Launch Driver Mate Relief Hoshi Provi Dinghy Instructor 1.jpg
ICCImg53 Unknown Dinghy instructor 1.jpg
ICCImg54 Unknown Dinghy instructor 1.jpg
ICCImg59 unknown Dingy Instructor.JPG
ICCImg30 Roy__ Launch driver, Hoshi Mate, SB Skipper.jpg
ICCImg50 Ted Pearce -Secretary.jpg
ICCImg3 Andrea Shaw Bar Girl.jpg
ICCImg20 Jim Martins Dinghy Instructor.jpg
I C C Headquarters
ICC Sailing Prizegiving 1969
ICCJ 1977.jpg


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